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In this day and age it's no surprise that we, Ed's Auto Service, must stay up to date with all the latest technology so that we can better serve our customers. A lot of our customers come here with car computer problems. Without the proper (up-to-date) tools, the problems can range from a simple adjustment to bad components in your vehicle, and would be impossible to detect without our state-of-the-art Modis System and Verus. Both the Modus & Verus machines are much more than just "Scanners". They can "Scope" individual components and allow us to actually watch them work electrically! Any electrical component! From a Door lock switch to the computer itself!

The most important thing to understand when dealing with "Scanners" is that NO SCANNER CAN TELL YOU WHAT PART IS BAD. They simply tell you what circuit is having issues. So you take the code that it gives you and follow the "Roadmap" for that code. Some repair shops sell parts from that code rather than take the time to properly diagnose the system, THIS COSTS YOU BIG MONEY!

For Example, an oxygen sensor code does NOT mean your oxygen sensor is bad, it simply means there is a problem in that circuit. As a matter of fact, it could mean you have a vacuum leak and the computer can't change the fuel mix enough.

We, at Ed's, Scan for codes THEN spend the time to diagnose what specific part IS the culprit! You don't spend money on guesswork or misdiagnosed parts!


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